UWOPED is committed to supporting the whole journey of each woman in our programs. For us, UWOPED is always evolving to meet the needs of our women in ways as they grow that include families and communities.



A salon to provide employment opportunities for our mothers

Opening up a tailoring shop where we get contracts and make clothes for customers. The space will also act as a source of employment for them.

Expanding our farming project from small-scale to a commercial operation to financially support our women.

Obtain a permanent location for UWOPED (i.e. buying land and building structures)

Animal rearing (goats, cattle, poultry)

Acquiring more sewing machines to open up a big tailoring school.

Opening up a daycare center or kindergarten mostly for the children of our mothers.

Opening up an art and crafts shop for the crafts made by our mothers and also look for international market for these crafts.

Start  up orgarnic agriculture ,processing  and production.

Set up a vocational  training  centre for vulnerable  women.