About Us


UWOPED was established in February 2010 and located in Kawempe division, Nabweru, Luggoba north village, Wakiso Uganda.

We are a united group of young leaders acting as a platform for vulnerable  women, their children and dependents. We empower them through several projects and empowerment programs, including HIV counseling and guidance, catering, urban farming, adult learning, art and crafts, training and skills development workshops. In 2012 we partnered with African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge (AWAGO) to provide additional programming for stress reduction and empowerment development. We began offering the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique, which we have found to be a valuable tool for our members to reduce stress and empower them from within.

So far we are empowering 600 women and 200 children, and looking to empower more to make a total of 800 beneficiaries for our first phase. Through our projects and programs focused on women and children, 70% of our beneficiaries have been able to acquire a source of income or go to school. Even though they joined UWOPED without business knowledge or training, a large number of these women are now self-employed. Our work centers specifically on developing their skills for employment and guiding mothers and children in the community in the areas of entrepreneurship, health, and education.


Nakalembe Brenda – Organisation Founder and Executive Director

Najjuma Hawaa – Project Coordinator

Akayo Stella – Administrative Assistant


UWOPED is dedicated to being a functional and self-propelling organization capable of empowerment all women in Africa with skills, facilities, knowledge, and inspiration—transforming them from hopelessness to a state of productive excellence. With our emphasis on women, we aim to mobilize, equip, and inspire communities through advocacy and active participation,  in order to effect and influence policies in all areas of life—social, political, economic, and spiritual, as well as preserving the environment for sustainable development.


Young mothers and their children


Solidarity and Empowerment


1) To empower communities with appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude and values that will enable them to promote well-being, and social and emotional development of women, especially those in vulnerable circumstances.

2) To open up homes for women in helpless situations, and empower them by providing education and income generating activities.

3) To set up training centers for counseling and guidance of the women.

4) To set up income generating projects to create jobs and improve the women standards of living.

5) To implement both national and international plans of action which guarantee poverty eradication and protection of the women.

6) To network with non-government organizations both national and international who are involved in  skills development for women, and partner with them to improve their livelihood.

7) To improve women empowerment programs at all levels.

8) To lobby for technical support and finances for providing education to them both in rural and urban areas.

9) To advocate in specific terms for the education of the young women especially those in difficult circumstances in order to develop their potential.

10) HIV/AIDS to be mainstreamed in all our programs to sensitize the community and mitigate the stigma and discrimination on infected women.

11) To empower our beneficiaries with relevant skills in project management, guidance and counseling, parenting and others.

12) To raise funds and acquire the tools for the purpose of fulfilling the aims and objectives of the movement.

13) To provide vulnerable women valuable tools to manage stress and overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives.