18-year-old Sara’s Story:

“I came one year ago to Uganda from Congo. In our village, rebels came with axes and slaughtered out neighbors. Nine of us escaped, and it took us one week to walk from Goma to Mbarara. I was so scared. We entered Kampala by foot, with nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, but it was here that I found peace. There was no war.

I am poor, but I survive. As a refugee, I was lonely and felt each day passing with nothing to do. A neighbor told me about the sewing and tailoring program at UWOPED and I joined. With the program I was taught meditation and this has helped me very much. The memories of my past are still with me and will take time to fade, but with meditation I can see the change in my life. Compared to Congo, now there is nothing I cannot handle here.”

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